Bill and Dan's Excellent Adventures


Welcome to our site

Hi Everyone.  The website has been updated a bit.  I have added some video content and plan on working on it some more in the next month or so.

Since we did not have a big ride last year, 2016 will bring us out for another high mileage road trip.  9 days and 6500KM is probably what it will give us.  We have 3 possible routes planned.  Bill is doing the A B Cs of Harley again this year so we need maximum states, counties and also national forests which cannot be found in Canada.

We are planning to either head to Milwaukee to see the Harley plants and museum or we will head south into the Carolinas.  If we head west, we will get less states but more Harley plants and museum.  If we head south, easier to get the forests, and also more states.

If we head to Milwaukee, we will either go through Canada then cross into Michigan, or we will travel through New England, then west through Northern New York state.

There are links to the maps on the link above and once we have decided we will let you know.  I have an app on my phone so you will be able to follow us real time this year.  Should be interesting.

I am heading state side for July 4th as I head to Toronto with my daughter. That will help me decide if I want to take the Canadian route or US route to get to Milwaukee.  Right now the exchange rate is quite poor but with fuel much cheaper in the states, that is a plus.

We have quite a few local or near local motorcycle events happening in the Maritimes that I hope to attend as well.  

I will also try to update the photo album as there is nothing new since 2014.

If you have some shots you would like to share, be sure to contact me so I can upload them to our site.  I would love continue building on our "guest" photo album.